About us:

Mochinosha has performed puppetry in Canada, Japan and the UK in pubs, art galleries, schools, churches, festivals and more.


We build and operate all types of puppets. We are experienced in all aspects of stage, video and film production.

Mission Statement:

We strive to open the portal between reality and the realm of dreams in order to make the world just a little bit stranger.

Mochinosha, the Wishes Mystical Puppet Company 

Welcome. Mochinosha, the Wishes Mystical Puppet Company is an international puppetry theatre company based in Canada and Japan. We are puppet creators and performers who seek to bring about merriment and ellightenment through our enchanted living figures.
We study ancient esoteric texts and travel the world in order to find the secrets of the universe. Then we take this forbidden knowlege and turn it into silly puppet shows that we perform somewhere. (Preferably somewhere that serves beer.)

Our shows are usually very funny, but also profoundly dark and sad while simultaneously being uplifting and hopeful. You know...usually.

望ノ社-モチノシャ-The Wishes Mystical Puppet Company

公演情報等、随時更新中です。日本語での閲覧をご希望の方、望ノ社(日本語 版)か らどうぞ。

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