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Space Hippo

A hilarious and epic science fiction adventure, experienced with live animation.
With an original score by Elliott Loran.
The show has received five star reviews and won multiple awards including overall best show at the Victoria Fringe Festival.


The scientists and politicians of our world can agree on three things:
    1. All life on Earth will be wiped out in five years.
    2. There is absolutely nothing we can do to stop it.
    3. We should send a Hippo into Space.
Space Hippo is an ordinary hippopotamus who is captured from the wild, put onto a spaceship and sent on an epic adventure through the universe. 
On her journey, she will encounter strange new worlds, a food dispensing robots and a mysterious lizard man. However Space Hippo isn't interested in adventure. She is a mother who desperately needs to get back to her baby on Earth. 
Unfortunately, two feuding alien races believe that Space Hippo is the key to winning their intergalactic war and will do anything to stop her.

Show Information

Written by Daniel Wishes
Directed by Seri Yanai
Music by Elliott Loran
Promotional Artwork by Ryoko Kishida

Show Length: 55 min
Appropriate for 11 years old +


BEST OVERALL SHOW - Victoria Fringe Festival 2016
BEST VISUAL THEATRE - Victoria Fringe Festival 2016
BEST SHOW DESIGN - Victoria Fringe Festival 2016
CRITIC'S PICK - Orlando Fringe Festival 2019

Reviews and Press

★★★★★ - CBC

 "Funny, delightful, surprisingly touching and beautifully executed" 

★★★★★ - Otaku No Culture

 "Enthralling, charming and delightful" 


★★★★1/2 - Winnipeg Free Press

 "Smart, poignant satire with a great big soul, it’s an enchanting cautionary tale." 


"More epic than most billion-dollar blockbusters"  -  Orlando Weekly

"Extremely weird and extremely virtuosic" -  The Georgia Straight

"Sheer magic!" -  Janis La Couvée Review

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