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MIMI the Gourmet Cat

Colourful shadow puppet show like animation in live!

The show is about a cat who travels around the world eating in different restaurants and experiencing different cultures.

The show uses over 120 intricately cut shadow puppets in only 25 minutes. We project them onto a large screen to create the feeling of watching a live animated movie.

The show is best for preschool, kindergarten and early grade elementary school students.

Show Information

Written by Daniel Wishes
Directed by Seri Yanai
Music by Hiroko Yanai
Concept & Promotional Artwork by Ryoko Kishida

Show Length: 25 min
Appropriate for all ages


A cat named Mimi, who loves food. One day her owner leaves home without feeding her. Mimi, hungry and impatient, escapes from the house, disguises herself as a human and gets on a plane to explore the world of food!

Mochinosha's Shadow Puppets

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