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​Bounosha shadow play workshop


Bonosha's shadow play workshop will be renewed in 2020.

Even under the influence of the new coronavirus infection, we hope that children will be able to imaginatively and freely create “shadow play”.With that in mind, we planned the “Visit anywhere! Shadow play workshop at home”.

Travel anywhere with just one suitcase. Instructors visit any place, such as classrooms, meeting rooms, and apartment meeting rooms,

We will hold a shadow play production and demonstration workshop for about 2 hours (*).

At the workshop, shadow puppets were created using a shadow puppet screen and Bonosha's original shadow puppet kit.

After that, there are plenty of contents such as making their own original shadow puppets.

No special tools required. You can take home the shadow puppet kit you made at the workshop and enjoy the continuation of your own creation at a later date.

*​1 A shortened version is also available, please contact us for details.

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