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Delivering songs, laughter, and a lovely time that can be enjoyed together by the three-generation family of parents, children, and grandchildren!

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Hutch Hatchell from NHK E-tele "Musica Piccolino" appears!Musical play "Christmas Carol" with shadow puppets, acting, singing and violin. In addition, a variety of Christmas puppet shows will open in Koshigaya, where you can enjoy Cocon's ventriloquist puppet show!

Mochinosha is a shadow play company that creates unparalleled “live analog movies”. Centered on Canadian and Japanese artists, based in Koshigaya City, they have performed in more than 35 cities in 8 countries around the world, and have been awarded and invited to theater festivals in various countries, including Japan.

This time, a collaboration project with NHK E-tele "Musica Piccolino" Hutch Hutchel. You can see a comprehensive performance of the masterpiece "A Christmas Carol" with shadow puppets, acting, singing and violin music.

In addition, a ventriloquist puppet show "Tutor and Cookie" by the Kansai puppet theater Cocon will be performed at the same time.

In addition, an MC by "Yanomi", an officially registered artist of Cirque du Soleil, produced a stage full of laughter. We will deliver songs, laughter, and a lovely time that the three generations of the family, parents, children, and grandchildren, can enjoy together.

This performance will be streamed at the same time, so even those who are far away or who are worried about infectious diseases can enjoy watching it at home.





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​本イベントで、望ノ社の新作影絵劇「SHADOW NECROPOLIS 影の王墓」を上演いたします。詳細は上記ボタンからどうぞ。

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